The history of this car is a little unclear. The information gatherd is based on research on the net (very little information) and conversations with several former employees. We have been unable to substantiate any of this information but this is what we have learned.

The company name that manufactured the car in the mid 80's Enterra Technologies Ltd. They received (some say) 8 to 10 million dollars from the Canadian Federal Government specifically, the Scientific Research Council- in Federal loan guarantees and tax credits. This money was to be used to build a manufacturing facility in Burnaby, British Columbia and manufacturing the Enterra Vipre.

Our research shows they built only 36 cars in Canada. It was only to be sold thru GM dealership as an option known as the Enterrra Style package on a Fiero. GM in agreement with this plan, was then to cover the regular warranty with an additional warranty for the body and interior through the Enterra company.

There are discrepancies in the numbers sold, some evidence points towards several incomplete cars (the number eight has come up several times) were left over when the company folded in late 1987 so the total number of cars built is in question.

The car was offered only as an option on a NEW Fiero and never to be sold as a kit for fear that it would take away its advantage over kit cars.

The first set of body molds were used until late 1986. There were minor fitting problems with the first set so in the late '86 a new better fitting set of molds were created for the last year the company remained in business. The molds for the body were then sold to a California company who re-formed the molds again and two more cars were built before the company closed its doors. After the California company V-8 retrofit Fiero SE's The cars were stripped of the body pannels and interiors and the sleek body you see in the pictures was put on a new custom interiors installed. They only painted them in 4 colours; Red, Black, Gun Metal Gray and White. The paint of choice was Sikens. All suspension, drive train, braking system, cooling system remaied the same as the stock Fiero.